Storm Panels

Hurricane Storm Panels

The most basic of our hurricane protection products, Aluminum or Clear Hurricane Panels are a step above plywood and are perfect for shielding your home from an impending storm. Hurricane panels are cost efficient way to provide short term protection just in case of a storm or hurricane.

Some advantages are:

  • Guaranteed protection during hurricanes
  • They go up a lot easier and quicker than plywood
  • Headers and bottom tracks are always mounted to your home
  • Panels store easily, minimal space requirements, cost efficient









There are three of styles available for storm panels:

Aluminum Storm Panels

Clear Storm Panels

Tinted Storm Panels

Storm panels are fairly straight forward and consist of three components:

Headers and tracks:

These are the permanently mounted parts of this shutter product. They come in various configurations to fit all installation cases. The bottom tracks are designed so that screws are inserted from the side and then the wing nuts are secured after the panel is in place. The hardware is then removed and stored with the panels until the next time a storm approaches.


Roll formed from either .05” or .062” aluminum, the panels have a corrugated texture that allow them to overlap and support each other for maximum strength. The bolt holes are factory punched and configured to make installation quick and simple.


Installations are performed with applicable building code fasteners only! Since most installations are waterfront or very close to the waterfront, we use only corrosive resistant fasteners on all of our installs.

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