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Residential and Commercial Security Options from Shade and Shield

A burglary can happen to anyone at anytime. Alarm systems are a deterrent and will alert you and the police to a break-in, but only after the damage has been done. A broken window or door plus the loss from items taken from the building can cost thousands, not to mention the psychological harm caused by the invasion. Prevent a burglary before it occurs with a visible deterrent such as a Security Shutter or Security Grille. 

Shade and Shield, Inc. provides you with a range of products to protect your home or business from intruders and vandalism.


Roll Security Shutters

Whether you’re a store owner, homeowner, a contractor or an architect, you’ll discover these roll shutters deliver security, exactly the way it should be – safe and secure, with performance, quality, convenience and aesthetic appeal. Roll Shutter are unobtrusive and can be adapted to virtually any opening shape.









Security Grills - Storefronts

Security Grilles keep your products visible to shoppers after hours while being safe and secure. Perfect protection for store fronts, such as Liquor Stores, Pawn Shops, Gun Shops, Pharmacies and all other retail stores.

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Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters are designed for hurricane protection but can be used as a cost effective security shutter or store divider. Sliding glass doors, store fronts or balconies can be protected. Both curved and removable tracks are available to exactly fit your application and not take up valuable floor space.

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