Roll Shutters for Hurricane Protection - Shade and Shield - Sarasota, Florida

Roll Shutters (Roll up Shutter or Roll-down Shutters)

Shade and Shield, Inc. offers a number of different types of roll shutters to provide safety and security to your home or business from severe weather, wind driven rain, hurricane force winds, and break-ins.

Rolling Shutters offer security, weather protection, energy conservation and noise control in one product. We offer a traditional roll-down shutter and our European style Roll-Up shutter.  Our products use only stainless steel, aluminum or plastic components to eliminate oxidation and ensure long, trouble-free life.

When used as a security measure, roll down shutters can be fitted with a variety of locking mechanisms, while roll-up shutters, by design, make it nearly impossible for burglars to gain entry into windows or doors.

Roll Shutters come in many styles and colors. The product has been tested to withstand 140 mph winds and protect openings from wind driven rain and airborne debris. Motor operated shutters come complete with a tubular motor that is engineered to fit inside the shutter axle. All motors come with a five (5) year warranty. Manual Override options are also available so that the shutter can be operated even in a power outage.

Roll Shutters can be installed with special electrical features such as group controls, remote control sun, rain and wind sensors, and interior or exterior key switches.

Our Roll Shutters will provide you with:

  • Hurricane Ratings
  • Storm protection
  • Non-corrosive components
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Exceptional Warranty
  • Motorized and Remote Control
    Operator Options
  • Local manufacturing and Service
    in Sarasota, Florida






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