Hurricane Screens - Shade and Shield - Sarasota, FL

Hurricane Screens 

Like panels, the primary focus of a hurricane screen is to preserve your building envelope, which is paramount during a hurricane. Once a window or door is breached the envelope is compromised and the surging winds can lift your roof or blow out your walls and rain can flood your home.


Hurricane Screens are cost effective when covering:




Large windows & doors

Garage openings

Screens are catagory 5 rated and made from a thick polypropylene fabric. There are two styles of fasteners, grommets or strap and buckle systems, both of which securely attach your screens to your home. 

Hurricane Screens are typically deployed only when needed. They are not a permanent "set and forget" protection.

Some of the benefits of screen are:

Affordable Protection

Florida and Texas certified

Tested for 188+ mph winds and flying debris

Ideal for large, irregular openings

Converts lanais and balconies into hurricane safe rooms

Light, compact, easily stored

Easily mounted, dismounted, deployed

Inconspicuous and safe anchoring points










Note: Hurricane Screens and fabric are not designed for long term deployment or as a shading or privacy Shutter. Hurricane Screens and fabric are susceptible to prolonged UV exposure. Improper use will reduce performance and/or void warranty. 


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